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Wellness Testimonials

Below are testimonials from some of my clients. I have tried to get a good cross section of conditions and people. Some of my clients are long distance only, in that our sessions are over the phone . (I have many long term clients that I have not met in person.) I noted the clients that were long distance only or if they were both, long distance and in person. Unless noted, we meet in person.

If you do not see your age and/or condition below, please know that I have worked with every type of condition and situation. My clients range in age from 1 day old to 93 years old.

When I asked my clients to submit a testimonial it was with the understanding that everyone is very busy in life and I gave them all “an out” if they did not have time. I was hoping for half to respond. I am so incredibly grateful and touched to say that every one of those that I asked responded. Receiving the testimonials is one of the best gifts that I have ever been given.

To those of you who have taken the time to send me your experience, I want to thank you again. I feel very blessed. It is truly an honor to have had the opportunity to meet you and share your journey.

– Peggy Herzog

Female, Late 30’s; Tia & Complicated Migraine Attack

I first heard of Peggy through a friend. I was recovering from a TIA/Complicated Migraine Attack and was suffering from horrible migraines. Also my spirits where very low from everything I was going through. My friend told me she wanted me to meet Peggy. She actually insisted for me to go, to the point that she gave me a gift certificate to go see her. Little did I know then, that that gift would give me my life back.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical at first. I had no idea what to think or what to expect. All I knew was, I needed help and why not give Peggy a try. I thought “I have nothing to lose. “

From that very first session I knew it wasn’t going to be my last, Peggy has changed my life. I not only stopped taking medication for migraines, I also learned how to deal/cope with stress, “Emotional Stress”. I have learned so much about myself with Peggy’s help.

We all have stress in our lives but the key is to learn how to let go of the stuck emotions and move forward. I was able to do that through NET. If you are like me and are not sure what to think about alternative treatments, now I am the one that insists… don’t give it a second thought and try it, it will change your life.

So thankful and blessed to have met Peggy!

Female, Age 33 - 38; Hormonal Imbalance and Overall Health

When I first came to see Peggy, I had an under functioning thyroid, severe hormonal imbalance, several food intolerances, and had a very bad reaction to vaccines that I received for traveling purposes. Over the course of our time together, Peggy resolved all of these issues and more. She works miracles. I attribute my glowing good health to her.

Much love to you. It is my honor to send these, as it reminds me how grateful I am to know you.

Female, Age 33; Fertility

Peggy helped me resolve a long and serious history of hormonal imbalance, dysmenorrhea, and miscarriage. After resolving my issues, she brought me through a successful, healthy, and easy pregnancy, where I have given birth to a vibrantly healthy baby! She has also worked with my daughter since her birth.

Female, Age 46; Vertigo (Long Distance Sessions)

Peggy Herzog is truly a gifted healer. When I first came to her, I had been suffering from vertigo for months and could barely lift my head. After the very first session I felt an immediate release! Peggy was quickly able to identify the source of the issue and also offer body support through the use of Standard Process supplements. Over the course of several sessions, Peggy has helped me to restore my sense of well being and I am more balanced mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am so grateful to Peggy for her amazing gift.

Male, Age 54; Anxiety & Depression

I am a 54 year old male, who suffered with anxiety and depression for a better part of 20 years before I reached out to someone to try and figure what was wrong. I tried traditional psychology, and found some relief. Unfortunately, my therapist relocated to France. And when all of the out of control feelings and fear reared its ugly head again, I was completely lost. I was introduced to Peg by a mutual friend, and what a blessing it was. After fighting through some very difficult times, Peg’s treatments, guidance, and care got me over the hump. I faced my deepest darkest fears and recognized them and embraced them. Without Peg in my corner, I am convinced I would not be living this beautiful dream called life. I have been reunited with my wife after a 17 year divorce. We have been back together for 7 years now, and I will never ever forget Peg for helping me realize my dreams. I thank God for bringing Peg into my life.

Female, Age 42-52; Overall physical and emotional well being

I was sent to Peggy by a yoga instructor because I could barely function in my day to day life. Literally my physical stamina and my emotional being were almost non-existent. I was beginning to fear hopelessness as I once again read the report from a local, well respected Main-Line physician……..” your fine, Mrs. ______ you will feel better with more exercise and a stronger dose of vitamins……. And lose 15 pounds!”

Well that wasn’t the answer since I was running about 20 miles a week and swallowing handfuls of vitamins every morning. In fact I felt worse each day to the point where I could barely attend my regularly scheduled Yoga sessions let alone shuffle my kids, prepare the dinner and maintain a home… that’s when the instructor suggested I phone “Peggy Herzog”. I said who is Peggy Herzog? She smiled and stated……”It is REALLY hard to explain but I promise you that in about 3-6 sessions you will begin to feel like a whole new person!” And so here we are 10 years later and I truly am a “whole” new person. Even my kids, ages 26-15, are on a path to true “wellness”.

Society is toxic and our days are filled with stress in every area. I have spent tons of money on good food, exercise and great doctors only to find out that it is not enough in the end. Peggy, you have shown me that there MUST be a marriage between our mind and body; between our emotions and our spiritual wellbeing; between the actions of our past and the thoughts about our future. I know this now but did not understand it then and that is what you have provided and that is what I am so very thankful for!

Our energy levels are in check! The aches and pains have gradually subsided and in some instances have left entirely! Two of my kids have made great leaps in school where their learning had at one time been their worst enemy! And most importantly knowing that you are just a phone call away has given us all a breath of freedom in knowing that we do NOT have to feel stuck in any of these situations ever again!!!

It was not always easy and did require commitment on our part to “do the work” but it has been worth it!!! I would do it all over again but about 5 years earlier! Even the friends I have sent to you have had such a great experience that they in turn have sent other friends! That says it all right there!

It has been a real answer to prayer to watch my family’s health grow stronger and to see your practice flourish! God Bless and I look forward to the next 10 years!

Female, Age 42; Fertility & Well-Being

I’ve never felt better than when I was in Peggy’s care. Not only did she help me get pregnant against odds, she taught me balance and clarity in many other areas of my life. I am truly grateful.

Female, Age 45-52; Interstitial Cystitis & Depression

It was my therapist who first recommended Alternative Bliss to me. I was seeing a therapist due to being in chronic pain. My therapist believed Peggy could help me and since I trusted my therapist I decided to check out Alternative Bliss.

I called and spoke with Peggy and made an appointment. On that first day, when I walked in the door I saw how clean and comfortable things are at Alternative Bliss. Upon talking further with Peggy I was immediately thankful for her warm, caring and welcoming manner.

During my first visit, Peggy took time and explained about the various methods of treatments she could use to assist me. I put my trust in Peggy’s hands and have never looked back. Today I have my IC under control (usually known as a non curable condition) and live a normal life (many sufferers have to go on disability). Peggy’s work, along with some medications prescribed by my doctor, has done the trick for me. When my bladder acts up (or any other part of my body) I schedule a visit with Peggy and my situation looks much brighter in a day or two.
Since my IC is better, my depression too is under control. Peggy’s work has been instrumental in my healing. I have recommended Peggy to my friends and family. Peggy is a truly skilled and talented practitioner; and my life is better from being one of her clients. She has helped me with everything from colds to chronic conditions. I can’t speak highly enough about Peggy!

Male, Age 40; Stress & Anxiety (Long Distance Sessions)

Over the last 3 years I have been going through a very difficult divorce/separation and have worked with Peggy on a regular basis to help me cope and grow through this life experience. It is not often that I meet and have the opportunity to work with people that combine incredible intellectual capabilities with emotional understanding. Her support and guidance has been immeasurable and invaluable to me and my children, I could never have emerged from the last 3 years as strong, confident and informed as I have without Peggy.

Female, Age 38- 41; Endocervical Cancer

After meeting Peggy 3 years ago my life has transformed into a journey of healing. At the age of 38 I was diagnosed with endocervical cancer. Peggy creates an individualized program. Each session she helps me resolve negative emotional and behavioral thoughts and patterns. After receiving surgery and radiation, Peggy corrected the imbalances in my body through nutritional support, NET and Reiki. She is a truly gifted health practitioner on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Female, Age 43; Cat Allergies (Long Distance Sessions)

I have always been highly allergic to cats, to the point that I break out in hives and cannot breathe. A sick and homeless cat showed up in our yard and I just had to help him but couldn’t get near him without a complete breakout. I contacted Peggy at Alternative Bliss and she sent me holistic remedies immediately. Within one month I couldn’t believe the transformation. Not only did ALL allergic reactions stop, I now snuggle every night with our beautiful cat Rocky. I never dreamed I’d be able to have a pet again.

Male, Age 11; Behavioral issues (Long distance and in person)

I always feel better when we are done. It is always cool meeting with you and talking to you because you help and do a lot of good things.

Female, Age 48; Peri-Menopausal (Long Distance Sessions)

I am going through menopause and having terrible hot flashes. I was suffering so much from all the symptoms it was now interrupting my life. I was having up to 30 hot flashes per day, 20 of those during the night and sleeping only 1 to 2 hours each night. This was TORTURE! My hormones were completely out of balance and this also severely affected my Arthritis. I had a consultation with Peggy Herzog from Alternative Bliss and she shipped me a box of supplements over night. Within 1 day (I kid you not) ALL of my hot flashes stopped and I now can sleep through the night. I’m not sure of the connection but the supplements also helped my Arthritis pain as well. Peggy is a true healer. Thank you Alternative Bliss!

Female, Age 15; Stress, Anxiety and Support for parent’s divorcee

This isn’t a total waste of my time. All my other therapists are a total waste of my time. I have had five therapists and I told my parents not to get me anymore. I hate talking to them, so I sit there and say nothing. I don’t mind talking to you. I trust you and I feel better when I leave.

Female, Early 30’s; Overall Well Being

Peggy is truly the first person to completely open my eyes to “myself” and how one can dig deep inside to heal. She is an amazing practitioner that is meticulous and steadfast in providing each client with a personalized treatment which absolutely produces results. Peggy has introduced me to practices, products and therapies so out of the box it only made me want to learn more. I am a different person today, one who loves herself and is motivated to live each day to its potential. I would recommend Peggy to anyone who is committed to being healthy — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Female, Age 10; support for school and sports

When I work with Peggy I feel very relaxed and safe. She is very caring. Everything she clears out, I feel better about. I feel better when I am done.

Female, Age 50; Eye Condition

I began my treatment for whole body wellness. Peggy’s treatments have been instrumental in improving my overall health and vision as well. I have been so impressed with my progress and Peggy’s work that other members of my family are also being treated with success.